The best drug rehab doesn’t come in a standard twelve step program that works for everyone. This is because every case, every addiction, and every person unique. That’s not to say that a twelve step program can’t or won’t help. Certain steps may be beneficial toward the ultimate goal of getting help and making a positive lifestyle change.

However, research has shown that the best drug rehab is non 12 step rehab. To be free from addiction to any substance, you must go beyond acknowledging the problem. You must also make the decision to change and maintain self-awareness of why it’s important to you to make that change. You’ll need that motivation to keep yourself on track when you’re tempted to fall into old habits.

You’ll also need professional help. Addiction is a disease. Just as you would seek a doctor for medical treatment if you broke your arm, you should seek a medical professional to help you repair the mental and emotional states where addiction originates. That’s where a non 12 step rehab program begins.

Non 12 step rehab centers take a clinical approach to treating substance abuse. They create a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan designed to benefit your recovery and long-term health. Non 12 step rehab may include the following elements:

● Full health assessment
● 1 on 1 counseling
● Self-discovery activities
● Behavioral therapy
● Physical health and wellness workshops

The therapeutic environment created by non 12 step rehab nurtures real change by addressing your addiction as a serious medical condition. When you understand better the life and biological conditions that led to substance abuse in the first place, you can treat both sides of the condition instead of only the psychological side.

A non 12 step rehab program utilizes a wide lense to study your case, because your drug addiction may be coupled with other addictions such as alcohol abuse, prescription misuse, or self-harm. The well-known 12 step program doesn’t address these other contributing factors, thus leaving you vulnerable to replacement habits if you overcome the original addiction.

If you’re looking for the best drug rehab to overcome your addiction, you’ve already taken the first step to recovery. Don’t stop here. Seek out and rely on a non 12 step rehab program. Ask someone you trust for support to find a clinical center or program and take that next step to turning your life around!